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What is it?

The BioWorld Algae Treatment consists of 2 components that aim at achieving 2 goals: Enhancement and Augmentation. The Enhancement component is a biotech formulation of liquid nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which maximizes the ability of microbes to reproduce and thrive. Our Augmentation formulation consists of hearty strains of selected, naturally occurring Algae Competitor and Organic Degrading microbes. This 2-pronged approach creates very efficient algae treatment and debris decomposing processes.

What does it do?

The BioWorld Algae Treatment out competes the algae for the nutrients in the water. Then it produces enzymes that naturally break down the algae cell walls. Finally, it digests dead algae and organic debris on the bottom or that may float to the surface.

Benefits of BioWorld Algae Treatment:


  • Excellent Customer Service
    • Proven technology since 1990
    • Customized evaluation
    • Specially designed treatment plan
    • Outstanding customer follow up
  • Environmentally safe and natural approach
    • Easy to use – no protective clothing required
    • Fish and wildlife will flourish
    • Alternative to chemical treatments
    • Lower cost than toxic chemicals over several years
    • Water can safely be used for swimming or irrigation
  • Effective deterrent to algae formation
    • Formulations for filamentous (stringy algae) and planktonic (green water)
    • Organic debris digested
    • Long-term solution to balance ecosystem
    • Improved water clarity

When using BioWorld Algae Treatment you will notice:


  • Discoloration of algae from green to brown to black as photosynthesis is disrupted.
  • Organic debris from previous years algae may surface and will be digested.
  • Water becomes clearer with the fish and bottom more visible after stringy algae is eliminated.
  • Odors from the water will be minimized or eliminated.

It is extremely important for us to have photos to make sure you get the right treatment products and service in addition to saving you money. We can assist you in tracking and managing your waterway from our facility with your help!

Please send photos to Subject: Algae Photos from (Name)

  1. The whole pond or lake from a distance
  2. Close-up of water clarity from just above water
  3. Photos of algae in the water from 10 to 20 feet away
  4. Close-up of algae in water from 3 to 6 feet away
  5. Use pole or stick to pull algae our of water – photo from 3 to 6 feet away
  6. Place algae on white printer paper – photo from 2 feet away
  7. Finally, fill a clear glass container with pond water – photo 1 and 2 feet away

How many weeks should the pond be treated?

The goal is to get the algae under control initially and apply less of the Advanced BioTech product on a weekly basis as a maintenance program – adjusting the amount of Advanced BioTech product as the algae growth dictates.  The first few months of treatment are generally higher rates.

We estimate 8 to 20 weeks depending on the severity of the algae, the nutrient loading, the water pH, rainfall, temperature, cloudy days and numerous other factors.  The Advanced Biotech Treatment is cost effective over the long run versus copper or other chemicals.

How much product do I need?

To better assist you, we need additional information from you:

  1. What is the surface area of the pond and average depth?
  2. Do you have mat-string or planktonic type algae – green tinted water?
  3. What is the use of the pond?
  4. Is this a public or private pond?
  5. What chemicals or treatment have been used in the past 2 years? 
  6. Phone number and address so we may contact you direct.


Advanced BioTech

PO Box 7899

Visalia CA 93290-7899

How much does this Algae Control Technology cost?

To be able to provide you with a cost for treatment, we would need some additional information, shown above. As soon as we receive the information, we will be able to determine treatment application and cost for you.

Is it safe to animals? Can dogs and horses drink the water and not be harmed?

The Advanced BioTech Algae Treatment is safe for all animals if they were to drink the water it is applied to.  The microorganisms in the Advanced Biotech Algae Treatment are safer than many of the other microorganisms which are present in the natural water.

Where can I send an order?

Advanced Biotech

PO Box 7899

Visalia California 93290-7899

Can I purchase the product if I live outside of the United States?

Yes, we can ship our products internationally The shipping cost will be based on the weight of the product you order. We will evaluate special discounts depending on the size of the order.

You have found the right site for the best algae treatment solutions and solutions to other pond problems. We give you the facts on algae control and what it really takes to get your water feature in the condition where you can enjoy the water and have your property value enhanced. We see many of the algae control sites on the web and frankly they can be very confusing. Don’t waste your time and money on algae control chemicals and algae control gimmicks – Use the proven Advanced BioTech BioWorld Algae Treatment. Learn about how our Algae Treatment is The Best Solution for Eutrophication here.

Our scientists are specialists in chemistry, biology and microbiology – we have most of answers regarding algae control technology. We can tell you about our technology and why it is superior to barley straw algae control, copper sulfate algae control, other harsh chemicals for algae control and aeration used for algae control.

*Our Planktonic (Green Water) Algae Treatment is only available for commercial operations.

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