BioWorld Algae Treatment Technology for Aquaculture

BioWorld is the best natural product available for getting rid of the stringy - mat type filamentous algae !!!


  • The very best solution for stringy and mat-type algae

  • Environmentally safe and natural treatment

  • Easy to apply - no protective clothing required

  • Effective deterrent to algae formation

  • Lower cost than harmful toxic chemicals

  • Fish will gain weight faster with less stress

  • Water can safely be used for irrigation or reused

  • Long-term solution to balance ecosystem

What It Is

  • Enhancement: a biotech formulation of liquid nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which maximizes the ability of microbes to reproduce and thrive.

  • Augmentation: hearty strains of selected, naturally occurring Algae Competitor and Organic Degrading microbes.

  • 2-pronged approach creates more efficient algae elimination, ammonia reduction and debris decomposing processes.

What It Does

  • BioWorld microbes out compete the algae for the nutrients in the water.

  • BioWorld microbes produce enzymes to break down the cell wall of the algae.

  • BioWorld microbes digest organic debris which may float to the surface.

What To Observe

  • Discoloration of surface algae from green to brown to black as it starves.

  • Organic debris from previous years floating to surface and eventually digested.

  • Water becoming clearer with the pond bottom and fish more visible.

  • Fish will be healthier, have less disease and grow faster/Dissolved Oxygen levels should rise.

  • Odors from the water will be minimized.


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