BioWorld Algae Treatment -

The Solution for Eutrophication

 What is eutrophication? It is the overall process that supplies organic nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous, to a water feature. When eutrophication goes unchecked, the results can be catastrophic. Organic decay consumes oxygen which is a critical component of lake habitat. Depleting a lake of this life-sustaining substance can lead to death of fish and other aquatic life forms. This contributes to more organic decay and more oxygen depletion until eventually the lake may not support animal life.  This textbook definition became a reality for a 3-acre County park pond teeming with beauty and life. The combination of hot weather, heavy nutrient loading and warm water resulted in excessive algae growth in the pond. Dissolved oxygen levels drastically fell and numerous fish died. Maggots fed off the decaying fish and picked up botulism bacteria. Ducks ate the maggots and dead fish, became infected and dozens died. This produced an environmental disaster and brought unwanted attention from the CA Department of Fish and Game, the media and the local community.     BioWorld was contracted to help fix the eutrophication problem by providing algae control products and services. BioWorld Algae Treatment used a unique combination of bioenhancement compounds and selected, naturally occurring microorganisms for the safe and natural treatment of algae. The enhancement formulation maximized the ability of the microbes to reproduce and thrive in the water system. The Algae Microbes were more efficient at consuming the nutrients in the water which disrupted the algae growth.  Within a couple of months, BioWorld broke through the eutrophication cycle, eliminated the algae, digested debris and created a more balanced ecosystem for the fish and wildlife to thrive once again.    BioWorld Algae Treatment (for filamentous, stringy mat-type algae or planktonic, green water algae) is environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non pathogenic. It is the ideal solution for overcoming eutrophication in lakes and other water features without using chemicals.  

Before                                                    After