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BioWorld is the best natural product available for getting rid of the stringy - mat type filamentous algae !!!

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BioWorld is more efficient long-term than algaecides, herbicides and other pesticides.  In fact, BioWorld Natural Algae Treatment can also be used in conjunction with copper sulfate, Cutrine Plus, Aquashade and other algae control products for severe conditions.


  • Environmentally safe and natural treatment
  • Easy to apply - no protective clothing required
  • Effective deterrent to algae formation
  • Lower cost than toxic chemicals over several years
  • Wildlife will flourish
  • Water can safely be used for irrigation
  • Long-term solution to balance ecosystem

What It Is

  • Enhancement: a biotech formulation of liquid nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which maximizes the ability of microbes to reproduce and thrive
  • Augmentation: hearty strains of selected, naturally occurring Algae Competitor and Organic Degrading microbes
  • 2-pronged approach creates very efficient algae elimination and debris decomposing processes

What It Does

  • BioWorld microbes out compete the algae for the nutrients in the water
  • BioWorld microbes produce enzymes to break down the cell wall of the algae
  • BioWorld microbes digest organic debris which may float to the surface

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What To Observe

  • Discoloration of algae from green to brown to black as it starves
  • Organic debris from previous years floating to surface and eventually digested
  • Water becoming clearer with the lake bottom and fish more visible
  • Odors from the water will be minimized

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