Bioremediation of Fuel Oil

Project Summary

A former #6 fuel oil underground storage tank area contained approximately 6,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil. Twelve (12) treatment cells were constructed containing 500 cubic yards per cell. Initial Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) concentrations in the soil averaged 4,000 ppm. The targeted level for closure is 100 ppm. BioWorld bioremediation technology was selected as the most efficient and cost-effective solution for cleanup. Soluble nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, in conjunction with hydrocarbon digesting microbes, were added to the cells using a water truck on a monthly basis for 3 months. Mechanical discing of the cells was conducted to provide mixing and aeration. Water was added to maintain an appropriate moisture content in the cells. After 11 months, the average TPH concentration was reduced to acceptable regulatory standards. The project is deemed complete with no further clean-up action required.

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