Bioremediation – Application Guide

Learn how to apply the BioWorld Bioremediation Product with these simple step by step instructions!
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Guide for BioWorld Bioremediation Products Application

Step 1

Hydrate Microbes in warm water (100-105º F) or (37-42º C) for 10-15 Minutes
(Proceed with Step 2 while waiting)


Step 2

Apply BioWorld Bioremediation Enhancer with a sprayer


Step 3

Filter and apply Microbe Solution to the same area as Enhancer with a sprayer. Work product into ground with a shovel or rake. Add water and turn over surface soil every week or more often as needed. Keep treated soil moist and loose.

Below you will find the application in PDF format with visual steps.

Guide For BioWorld Bioremediation Products

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