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What is the BioWorld Treatment?

The BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment Product combines Bioenhancement with Bioaugmentation for an effective and environmentally safe bioremediation process. The Enhancement component is a our exclusive formulation of liquid nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which maximizes the ability of microbes to reproduce and thrive. Our Augmentation formulation consists of a group of specific microorganisms selected for each type of contaminant. Advanced BioTech wants you to understand that the solution isn’t how many microorganisms are applied to the cleanup site, it’s how many microbes reproduce there. That’s why the BioWorld Bioenhancement Formulation stands apart. We make that happen.

What does it do?

BioWorld Technology creates a situation where microorganisms directly metabolize contaminants and/or create enzymes for efficient conversion of contaminants. Contaminants are converted to water, simple gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), proteins, fatty acids, elemental forms and other non-polluting substances.

Benefits of BioWorld Bioremediation Treatment

  • Excellent Customer Service
    • Proven technology since 1990
    • Customized evaluation
    • Specially designed treatment plan
    • Outstanding customer follow up
  • Environmentally safe and natural bioremediation treatment
    • Easy to apply – no protective clothing required
    • Convert hazardous waste into harmless by-products
    • Simultaneously treat mixed hydrocarbon and organic waste
    • On-site cleanup in soil or water
    • Long-term solution for balanced ecosystem
  • Better than other alternatives
    • Effective-fast cleanup versus natural attenuation
    • Sophisticated enhancement and augmentation formulations
    • Effectively treat hard to reach areas
    • Lower cost than other remediation methods
    • Faster cleanup over natural attenuation processes

Where to use:

  • Oil spills, weathered oil, tanks, drilling sites, refineries, ships
  • BioWorld technology for saltwater, freshwater, soil, sand, wood, metal, concrete
  • BioWorld formulations are available for: Crude, processed or refined oils, gasoline, diesel, Bunker C, fuel oil, heating oils, benzene, kerosene, surfactants, amines, alcohols, esters, glycols, ketones, BTXE’s, napthalenes, phenols, aromatic and other hydrocarbons

Efficient and Environmentally Safe

Advanced BioTech provides an efficient, environmentally safe, on-site treatment solution to many hazardous waste cleanups.  Our products and service will restore most contaminated sites in less time and at a far lower cost than standard remediation techniques.

Liability for contaminated soil remains long after the soil is removed.  Even when the contamination is transferred to another site, responsibility for that contamination is still yours as long as that contamination exists.

Because all of our remediation is done at the project site, long-term liability from off-site transport and disposal is completely eliminated.

Advanced BioTech Bioremediation is a completely safe 2-part product (liquid and dry) consisting of the following:

  1. Bioenhancement – Bioremediation Enhancer formulation which maximizes the ability of microbes to reproduce and thrive in a waste system (soil or water); and
  2. Bioaugmentation – Hydrocarbon Digesting Microbes and biochemical nutrients for refinery and petrochemical wastes

Advanced BioTech Bioremediation has proven to be a non-disruptive, cost-effective and highly efficient method of safely breaking down many environmentally persistent toxic chemicals.  To date, our products and technology have been used to cleanup crude oil, gasoline, diesel, MTBE, and other petrochemicals.  Advanced BioTech Bioremediation is non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-pathogenic.

Depending on the project type, conditions, initial contaminant and cleanup target, Advanced BioTech Bioremediation is added to the soil or water using in-situ or ex-situ techniques.  Advanced BioTech provides the framework for the microbes to directly metabolize contaminants and create enzymes for efficient conversion of contaminants to water, carbon dioxide and other non-hazardous substances such as fatty acids.

BioWorld EPA NCP Approval

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