Service Station Ground Water
Bioremediation Treatment
Project # 10081

Project Situation

  • Ground Water contamination of gasoline containing MTBE - Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether and TBA - Tert-Butyl Alcohol.
  • Pump and treat method was chosen as the best available technology for this project.

Products/Technology Used

  • Product # 75XXX BioWorld Bioremediation Enhancer
  • Product # 32XXX BioWorld Hydrocarbon Digester Microbes
BioWorld teamed up with an Engineering Firm that combined the equipment with the BioWorld Bioremediation Technology.


Sample chain of custody was completely handled by the service station property owner a major oil company.  Results taken at third week of BioWorld treatment - retention time of 8 hours on a constant flow system.  


MTBE@140 PPB       

TBA@430 PPB       

Outflow sample after Bioremediation in aerated tank:

MTBE@3.9 PPB     


Outflow sample after addtional treatment unit:

MTBE                              Non-Detected

TBA                                 Non-Detected

NOTE: Prior to Advanced BioTech being applied, an enzyme product was evaluated with a 30% reduction in MTBE and TBA.  The enzyme product was 3 to 4 times the cost of BioWorld Treatments.  The enzyme product required flow to pass through 3 stages of filters that would clog and release the MTBE and TBA.


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