Crude Oil Sludge - Drilling Waste
Project #1025

Oil sludge (over 25 years old) from a drilling waste holding pond was provided to BioWorld for bench scale testing to demonstrate the feasibility of BioWorld Bioremediation Technology.

The initial Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) concentration of the sludge was 76,000 ppm. Samples designated untreated and treated were placed in separate glass aquariums with the same amount of distilled water in each aquarium.

BioWorld Bioenhancement and Augmentation Technology consisting of Liquid Optimizer and Hydrocarbon Digesting Microbes were added several times to the treated sludge aquarium.

After three months, the water from each aquarium was allowed to evaporate, leaving a solid material behind. Chemical analysis of the untreated and treated sludge samples indicated TPH concentrations of 75,000 ppm and 31,000 ppm, respectively. This corresponds to a 60% reduction in TPH concentration using BioWorld Bioremediation Technology.