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Water Analysis – Color, TSS, TDS

Color is an indication of the amounts of dissolved and suspended materials present in water. Total suspended solids (TSS) gives a measure of the turbidity of the water. Total dissolved solids gives a measure of the nutrient material dissolved in the water are indicators of productivity.

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Water Analysis – Temperature

Water temperature must be taken in the field. Temperature should be sampled at various depths using a recording Celsius thermometer. Location of temperature reading also needs to be considered, edge, middle, inlet, etc.

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Health Facts from MedicineNet

The MedicineNet Medical Dictionary defines Biotechnology as: “The fusion of biology and technology. Biotechnology is the application of biological techniques to product research and development.

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Why Drink More Water?

Too many of us are missing out on an important nutrient. Although water is in all beverages, and in all foods, too, it is most beneficial to your body’s thirst cells when consumed without embellishment.

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