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Wastewater Treatment

Advanced BioTech offers wastewater treatment solutions for a variety of wastewater cleanup situations. We provide products for industrial, municipal, agriculture and home wastewater treatment.

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Crop Enhancement

MultiFIX™ is a dark-blue complex formulation developed to improve crop quality, yields and grower income. When MultiFIX™ is applied, microorganisms in the soil reproduce rapidly and convert nutrients for the plant, causing the plant to grow faster than a plant without MultiFIX™.

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Advanced BioTech provides an efficient, environmentally safe, on-site treatment solution to many hazardous waste cleanups. Our products and service will restore most contaminated sites in less time and at a far lower cost than standard remediation techniques.

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Odor Control

BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) Technology – Product formulations for the purpose of neutralizing virtually any odor. BON is a unique liquid formulation that eliminates offensive odors at the source.

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