Crop Enhancement

What is MultiFIX™?

After the plant grows a leaf, the growth rate of the plant multiplies and the plant produces sugars in the roots for the microbes, which then produce humus. The plant then pumps large amounts of sugar and other molecules that exude or leak out of the roots. This is bulk food for microbes to build soil humus in the root zone. Humus holds high amounts of water which is easily taken by the plant, especially in times of drought. The goal is reached for the plant taking nutrients at the optimum timing for full genetic potential. With MultiFIX, indigenous microbes are provided nutrients to maximize soil health.

How MultiFIX™ Provides Microbe Nutrients for Soil Health

Quite simply, by feeding the microbes nutrients found in MultiFIX, soil health improves and which leads to better plant health. MultiFIX increases the soil nutrients available to the plant, which becomes a sugar factory building each plant cell. As a result, there is more sugar in the soil to produce more enzymes, organic acids, antibodies and other complex chemicals making your soil healthier and more productive and providing you with the best crop possible!

Start Improving Your Crops With MultiFIX™ Today!

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