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Your Fertilizer and our fix...That's MULTIFIX
Together we will improve High Yielding Corps

MultiFIX™ Soil and Crop Enhancer is a specially formulated liquid that provides the proper bioenhancement nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds required by soil microbes and plants.  As billions of microbes rapidly reproduce and thrive, the soil is rejuvenated.  Healthy soil produces improved plant health, better nutrient conversion and uptake, and increased crop quality and yields.



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Scientific research plus testimonials from satisfied growers prove the effectiveness of MultiFIX™ to significantly enhance other inputs.  For all crops including row crops, field crops, fruit trees, nut trees, vineyards, nursery stock, flowers, and ornamentals.   Also, great for golf courses, sports turf, landscape, gardens, and houseplants.   MultiFIX™ is easily applied with fertilizers, herbicides, or irrigation systems.  Application rates are crop dependent.

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The MultiFIX™ "mode of action" in the soil initiates mechanisms that allow your plants to produce:

  • High sugar

  • Large size

  • Extra weight

  • Superior quality

MultiFIX™ users are earlier into the packinghouse - year after year.

Proven effective by satisfied growers and field research: MultiFIX™ consistently improves grower profit potential.

This sophisticated technology is easy to apply with fertilizer, herbicide or irrigation.

Agricultural Rate : 1 to 20 quarts MultiFIX™ per acre depending on crop.

#25054 MultiFIX™ Liquid (5-gallon/19-liter units)

#25243 MultiFIX™ Liquid (24 x 5-gallon/19-liter units on 1 pallet)

#25250 MultFIX™ Liquid (250-gallon/950-liter bulk unit) 


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