Pow-R-Fog Plus DT 8246

Controllable Drum Mounted Fogger/Mister

The Pow-R-Fog Plus DT 8246 is mechanically identical to the durable 9236 model, but includes a one-turn control valve to allow you to adjust liquid output (0-10 oz/min) and droplet size (intermediate fog to heavy wet fog). Higher flows produce larger droplets.

The dispensing rate can be calibrated in the field so you get predictable output for all fogging solutions, despite changes in viscosity and density. And, since the Pow-R-Fog Plus DT is a "cold" fogger, using shear turbulence, it handles both water- and oil-based liquids.

Barns, restaurants, greenhouses, dairies and warehouses are a few examples of larger application sites relying on this product for everyday use.


Motor 1 Hp., 120VAC 50/60HZ, 7 amp.   Optional: 240V, 3.5 amp
Motor saver brushes (protect commutator when worn)
Fogging Nozzle High-shear, vortex design nozzle
Particle Size 15-30 micron VMD, adjustable
Chemicals Water- and oil-based solutions
Liquid Flow Rate   0-10 oz/min [0-300 ml/min], adjustable with one-turn valve
Capacity Mounts to chemical drum (not included)
Materials of
Power head, drum adapter - aluminum
Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl
Fittings and control valve - brass
Nozzle - Celcon
Dimensions H x L x Dia: 15.4 x 10.4 x 8.6 in [39 x 26 x 22 cm]
Shipping Weight 12 pounds
Warranty Period One year

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