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Offices, Reception & Administrative Areas Spray Dilution Rate:

Spray carpet after vacuum cleaning, shampoo cleaning, spin bonnet buffing; onto seating fabrics and window drapes; spray into air-conditioner vent. 

Play Rooms:

Spray onto floor in each corner of the room, onto window drapes, into air conditioner vent and onto vanity surfaces.  Add oz. of BON per gallon of wet mop solution. 

Dining Areas Spray Dilution Rate:

Spray under tables; onto window drapes; into air conditioner vent, onto carpet after vacuum cleaning, shampoo cleaning, or spin-bonnet buffing. 

Rest Rooms Spray Dilution Rate:

Spray and wipe vanity surfaces; spray on floor in front of toilet bowl and/or urinal; into floor drain vent; into air conditioner vent. 

Kitchen Spray Dilution Rate:

Spray trash containers and dumpsters; into air cleaner exhaust cooking units; spray onto food preparation surface and rinse with water; into air conditioner and floor drain vents; into refrigerator after cleaning. 

Plant Room, Basement Areas, Laundry Spray Dilution Rate:

Spray trash compactors and dumpsters; spray into air conditioner vent; into the dryer cycle during laundry operations. Fog wastewater sumps and drains using 1 part BON to 30 parts water. 

Wet Mop/Wash Down Dilution Rates:

Range oz. to 4 oz. BON per gallon of water depending on severity of mal-odor. 

Spray Dilution Rate/Wick Dilution Rate:

Variable range to 1 to 1, 2 to 1, or 3 parts water to 1 part concentrated BON depending upon severity of mal-odor. 

Humidifier/Fog Dilution Rate:

Variable range 30 to 150 parts water to 1 part BON Concentrate.

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