The following dilution rates are suggest for carpet and soft fabric care: 

Spray Dilution Rate:

There is a variable range for dilution depending upon severity of mal-odor.  The variable range is 1 to 1 part, 1 to 2 parts, or 1 to 3 parts water.  This rate is for BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) Concentrate. 

Fog Dilution Rate:

The variable range is 30 to 1/150 to 1 (water to BON Concentrate) depending on severity of mal-odor and the length of spray time.  30 to 1 dilution would be fogged for no more than 15 minutes.  150 to 1 dilution would be fogged for longer periods.  BON will follow the smoke path if the air conditioning system is running when fogging. 

Shampoo and/or Rinse Solution:

The variable range is oz. to 4 oz. BON Concentrate per gallon of water or cleaning solution. 


  1. Spray surfaces through a pump spray using spray dilution rate suggested above, then proceed to clean carpets/fabrics in normal fashion adding BON Concentrate to the shampoo and/or rinse solution (see above).

  2. In the event of residual mal-odor, fog BON Concentrate using fog dilution rate suggested above through a cold aerosol type portable fogger.

  3. Safe to spray directly to fabrics (except silk).  Use a fine mist pump sprayer.

  4. Add BON to wash down liquids, variable dilution rate.  Start at 4 oz. BON per gallon of water.


To increase profit by saving labor costs and to determine the most economical dilution rate for BON Concentrate.  In many cases fogging the BON can restore smoke-damaged merchandise. 

BON Concentrate will not damage the ionic properties of carpets.  With natural fiber oriental rugs, test with BON Concentrate on a small, unnoticeable section, and the result is satisfactory, proceed with the cleaning process.  We recommend that only professionals trained in cleaning oriental carps attempt to use BON Concentrate.  In many cases, it is possible through BON to restore odor polluted merchandise to full market value.


Change the air conditioner filter and spray the air conditioner intake with BON Concentrate. 

BON Concentrate is compatible with may restoration compounds.  Pretest with a small quantity.  Obviously, labor cost can be saved if BON is used with other compatible compounds during the restoration process.

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