Ostomy Patients:  Put 1 teaspoon of BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) inside pouch after emptying.  Spray into the air as needed. 

Excreta:  Spray the bedpan before and after each use. 

Vomit:  Clean-up solids and liquids then spray BON directly onto the surfaces. 

Decomposition Odors:  Spray bed linen, bed throw covers, mattress cover and curtains. 

Room Odors:  Spritz BON onto curtains and/or carpet.  Make a wick by stuffing cotton/tissue in a paper cup, then saturate with BON.  BON also neutralizes cigarette odors. 

Restrooms:  Spray underside of toilet seats and floor in front of toilet units.  Spray vanity surfaces.  Use ½ oz. BON concentrate per gallon of wet mop rinse solution.  (For best residual effect, do not spray onto surfaces that are water flushed.) 

Carpet Odors:  For urine (human or pet), saturate the carpet and pad with BON concentrate.  If the odor is acute, clean thoroughly using a non-perfumed carpet cleaner.  Add BON concentrate to final rinse ½-2 oz. per gallon (depending on severity of the odor).  For minor problems, spritz BON Concentrate directly onto the carpet. 

Hard Floors:  Add ½ oz BON concentrate per gallon of wet mop solution. 

Laundry:  Spray into drying cycle to remove any residual odors in bed linens, towels, clothing, etc. 

Air Conditioning Systems/Humidifiers:  Spritz into intake or return filter to neutralize odor throughout the system or place a one-gallon wick behind the intake grill or use a humidifier to dispense BON (charge rate 1 part BON to 30 parts water). 

House Pets:  If your pet has an odor problem, use BON for safe odor elimination.  BON is non-toxic and completely safe for pets and people. 

Animal’s Body:  BON can be safely sprayed directly onto the pet (avoid the eyes).  BON even controls estrus odors. 

Pet Sleeping Area:  Spritz cushions and pads with BON.  For carpets and hard floors – see above. 

Kitty Litter:  Spray five or six puffs of BON directly onto the kitty litter daily. 

Cages, Kennels & Carriers:  Spray inside of cages after cleaning, use 2 oz. BON concentrate per gallon of cleaning solution.

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