Odor Control for Hospitals/Nursing Homes

BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) is a vital necessity in the correct management of hospitals, nursing homes and in the private homes of people who are under convalescent care.  To control all patient room odors, the following suggestions are made: 

Patient Care:

To control all patient room odors, such as:

Excreta:     Spray the bedpan before and after use.

Vomit:        Cleanup solids and liquids, spray BON directly                    onto surfaces.

Decomposition Odors:   Spray bed linen, bed throw,                     mattress cover and curtains.

Atmosphere Of Sickroom:     Spray into air conditioning                     system.


Ostomy:     Put 1 teaspoon of BON inside pouch after                    emptying.  Spray into the air as needed. 

Janitorial Maintenance:

Bathrooms/Restrooms:  Spray underside of toilet seats and floor in front of toilet units.  Spray top surface of urinal.  (For best residual effect, do not spray onto surfaces that are water flushed.)  Spray floor under urinal.  Spray vanity surfaces.  Use oz per gallon of wet mop or rinse solution. 

Carpet Odors:  Apply BON through horticultural type pressure spray unit and mist to carpet surfaces, after vacuuming or spin-bonnet buffing.  BON may be added at the rate of oz per gallon to carpet cleaning liquid/rinse liquid.  Use cleaning products that have a neutral odor. 

Hard Floors:  Add oz BON per gallon of wet mop solution. 

Laundry:  Spray into drying cycle to remove any residual odors in bed linens, towels, uniforms, etc.  Use 2 oz BON for 100 lbs of dry laundry (60 gallons of water). 

Kitchen:  Spray waste food receptacles, dumpsters and floor drains.  Spray BON in refrigerator after cleaning, add 1 oz BON per gallon of wipe-down wet mop solution. 

Plant Room:  Spray room with BON through horticultural type pressure spray, or make a wick dispenser using a cut off 1-gallon jug with roll of paper towel, and soak with BON. 

Air Conditioning System/Humidifier:  Spray into intake return of filter to neutralize odors throughout the system zone, or place 1 gallon wick behind intake screen or use a humidifier to dispense BON (charge rate 1 part BON to 30 parts water).

            Patient Transport:  Spray into air conditioner vent to                   neutralize odors.

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