Guest Rooms:
After cleaning room and vacuuming carpets, spray several puffs of BON diluted 1:1 in the air conditioning/heater vents.  Spray 5 to 8 puffs into various areas of the room atmosphere.  Turn on a/c fan to help distribute the odor neutralizer throughout the room.  Spray 1 puff in each clean ashtray. 

Guest Bathroom:
Rinse mop tile floor with BON solution diluted oz of BON Concentrate to 1 gallon of water.  Spray and wipe vanity top.  Spray underside of commode seat, and if commode area is carpeted, spray carpet in front of commode bowl. 

Public Restrooms:
Spray top of urinal and spray floor in front of urinal.  Spray drain cover.  Spray underside of all commode seats and floor area in front of commode bowls.  Spray air conditioner vents. 

Reception and Administrative Area:
Spray room atmosphere, seating fabrics, and curtains.  Clean and spray ashtrays.  If sand is used in the lobby ashtrays, clean the sand and spray it with BON Concentrate.  Spray into air conditioner vents. 

Dining Room:
Spray onto carpet or floor after vacuuming or spin bonneting.  Spray into curtains and into air condition vents. 

Spray onto food preparation surfaces and rinse with water.  Spray into refrigerator after cleaning.  Spray trash compactors, trash containers and dumpster. 

Vending Machine Area:
Spray inside trash container. 

Dilution Rate 

Spray treatment Most odors can be neutralized by a spray dilution rate of 1 part BON to 1 part water.  Experiment with dilution rates up to 9 parts water to establish the most satisfactory price/performance basis for your operations. 

Wet Mop Solutions Floor and carpet odors usually respond to oz of BON concentrate to 1 gallon of water.

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