The BioWorld Odor Neutralizer Technology will eliminate every odor known to mankind if enough product is dispensed into the odor area or added to other materials.

The next challenge is to evaluate the most economical application amounts based on the severity of the odor.

Examples of a variety of projects:

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Project #1280 - Neutralized NH3 odor - Ammonia odor in box fiber of frozen fruit facility was fogged and odor eliminated with BON.

Project #2168 - Odors from chemical spill force evacuation in a four story administrative office building. Odors mitigated with BON.

 Project #890 - Odors from fish vapors out of stacks from anchovy fish processing company located next to vacation resort.  BioWorld Odor Neutralizer was added to the water in the misting system and the odors were completely eliminated.  Complaints stopped from resort.

Project #1163 - Composting odors minimized during the grape crushing process at a California winery.  Odor associated with the composting operation were completely eliminated in a few days.  On-going treatment continues to control odors.

Project #3242 - Complaints from asphalt odors from roofing process.  BioWorld Odor Neutralizer was sprayed into HVAC intake and odors were mitigated within an hour.

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