Remodeling Homes

Buying a new home can be an exciting and overwhelming time. You can find a great deal on many homes today because of the housing market being down and the number of foreclosures on the rise. Foreclosed homes can be bought at a great price but sometimes come in really bad shape.

Remodeling a home can be a big task. BioWorld has solutions for many problems that might arise from purchasing a foreclosed home, including lawn care and maintenance, odor problems, pond care and maintenance and even algae control.

For odors associated with remodeling homes,
use BioWorld Odor Neutralizer!

Odor Control

There can be a lot of odor problems associated with any house, wither the previous owners had 80 cats and dogs inside or you just want a fresh new paint job. BioWorld Odor Neutralizer can take care off all these odor problems!

Paint Odors

Paint odors can sometimes be overwhelming. All you need to do is add BON-CC-41 to your paint before you apply it to the walls and it will eliminate the odors. The smell of paint can sometimes linger for days, so adding BON-CC-41 to your paint will help you enjoy your remodeling experience even more!

Just add 4 to 8 ounces of BON-CC-41 to 1 gallon of paint. For more information, visit our paint odor control page.

Pet Odors

Pet odors can be a new homeowners worse nightmare. We have all heard about the homes that have been completely gutted to get out the odor from pet urine from people who have lived with many cats and dogs inside their home.

Pet urine odor is very hard to treat, but our BON-CC-41 makes it a little easier. You may still have to re-carpet your home (which you will want to do anyways because of stains), but homes with many pets inside can have urine even seep into the concrete. Use the BON-CC-41 to mop the concrete or other flooring before you lay your new carpet padding and carpet. It will eliminate any odor associated with it.

We have had one customer who moved into a home that previously had 80 cats living inside. Even after ripping out the carpet, he still had a strong urine odor. He ended up ripping out a wall in his home only to find that the urine had seeped up three feet in the wood and dry wall. By getting the BON-CC-41 in direct contact with the soiled wood, he was able to remove the urine odor.

Product # 49313  BON-DSA-49  1 Liter 

Product # 41326  BON-CC-41     1 Liter 

Product # 41014  BON-CC-41     1 Gal    

Fogger Information

Lawn Care

In many cases, when you buy a home that has not been lived in for some time, the lawn probably was not taken care of.

BioWorld has a product called MultiFIX that can make your garden look the best in the neighborhood. It can turn your grass back into its beautiful green color and help your flowers grow faster!

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