BioWorld Advantages 

The BioWorld Liquid Optimizer Plus is a product that will mitigate odors by using a combination of sophisticated technologies and product formulations. 

The BioWorld Liquid Optimizer Plus has proven to be effective in changing the processes that generate the odors in many types of projects. The Plus part of the product consists of specialized Odor Neutralizers that are added to the Optimizer formulation.

The key advantage of BioWorld is our specialized Bioenhancement liquid nutrients, enzymes, and odor neutralizing compounds that alter the solid or liquid waste materials by stabilizing the release of sulfides and other odorous gases, especially in the harsh waste environments where pH or other parameters may be an issue. The Optimizer Plus can also be used in combination with relatively small amounts of the BioWorld Bioaugmentation which consists of specific strains of selected, naturally occurring microbes.   

The BioWorld Liquid Optimizer Plus will assist the indigenous microbes to degrade substances more rapidly than natural decomposition without the BioWorld Treatment. 


Where to use 

BioWorld Liquid Optimizer Plus can be used in thousands of problem areas including:

  • Wastewater solids, sludge, etc.
  • Fats, oils, grease, biomass,  
  • Sulfides in wastewater or petrochemicals
  • Composting organic materials fish, poultry litter, manure
  • Fiber pulp and paper wastewater
  • Apply to trash piles, waste bins, hauling trucks, equipment.


What it Does 

The primary purpose of the BioWorld Liquid Optimizer is to get rid of stubborn and persistent odors by safely altering and accelerating the natural degradation processes. We utilize application methods that are simple, yet effective and require minimal upkeep, allowing maintenance personnel freedom to accomplish other tasks.

 BioWorld is safe and easy to apply with common sprayers in:

  • Industrial, Government Facilities, Recycle Centers, Solid Waste Facilities
  • Food Processors, Winery, Fruit Juice, Animal Areas, Hauling Equipment
  • Factories, Metal Processing, Wash down and Cleanup Areas and many more......