Examples of Product Packaging

MultiFIX Algae Treatment Odor Neutralizer Wastewater Treatment Septic Tank Treatment
    custom pkg    
    32 oz/1 L    
  1 gal./ lb. tub 1 gal./3.8 L 1 gal./ lb. tub 1 gal./ lb. tub
5 gal./19 L 6 gal./ tubs 6 gal./19 L 6 gal./ tubs  
250 gal./950 L 250 gal./ tubs 250 gal./950 L 250 gal./ tubs  

32 Ounces/1 Liter

1 Gallon/3.8 Liters - lb tub/227 grams

    Septic Tank Treatment - BioWorld Products     

1 and 5 Gallon/3.8 and 19 Liters - lb tub/227 grams


5 Gallons / 19 Liters

250 - 275 Gallons/950 - 1,040 Liters

Bulkdrum III

Bulkdrum III

The innovative Bulkdrum III is a versatile container which combines a UV-stabilized polyethylene inner bottle with a galvanized steel outer cage that provides protection during shipping, storing and handling. Its modular design permits the flexibility of single-use and/or multiple-trip applications. The cage features easy snapfit access for fast bottle replacement, reinforced top ring for stacking, and rods spaced in a 3"x 4" grid so forklift tines can't slip through. Bulkdrum III is available in 275 gallon capacities and UN/non-UN versions. NMFC Item 41024, Sub 2, Class 200.


Tare Weight
Max Gross
275 GAL
(1040 L)

Bulkdrum III Features:

a. Feature: Standard 6" cap with 2" bung. Benefit: Optional vacuum vent device can be mounted in cap.

Feature: 2-inch NPT threaded triple-seal bottom discharge port with butterfly valve.

Feature: UV-stabilized, high-density blow-molded polyethylene inner bottle. Benefit: Designed for outdoor storage. Replacement bottles available for BD III.

Feature: Four-way entry stringer wooden pallet attached for easy handling and stacking.

Feature: See-through cage. Benefit: Easy content level gauging and added stacking strength.

Feature: Tamper-evident 2" discharge valve with cap nut and twist grip Optional ball valve. Benefit: Easy operations with minimal valve flow restriction, and maximum product drainage.

  • Plated steel outer cage for bottle protection.

  • Embossed gallon and liter markings on a 24" marking plate.

  • Optional tubular steel pallet.

  • Stacks three high filled for space savings.

  • Replacement bottles available.

UN, DOT and FDA Qualifications

Bulkdrum III (275 gal.) models are available as UN 31HA1 IBCs. The polyethylene used in Bulkdrums is acceptable for handling food products as specified under FDA regulation 21CFR part 177. Bulkdrums are approved for shipment of hazardous materials as authorized in 49 CFR 172.101, Table of Hazardous Materials and Special Provisions. Bulkdrums can be shipped internationally. The UN markings are recognized throughout the world as the accepted standards for IBCs.