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BioWorld is prepared to assist immediately with your cleanup

BioWorld is on the US EPA NCP Product Schedule

BioWorld is licenced by the State of California Department of Fish and Game OSPR

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We have completed 1,000s of projects since 1991...

Environmental Cleanup using Green Technology

Specialized Technology Solutions for Environmental Cleanup of Contaminated Water, Soil and Other Materials

Environmental Disaster Relief Products and Services

Example Projects:

Spain "Prestige" 2002
Hurricane "Katrina" 2005
San Francisco Bay Spill "Cosco Busan" 2007
Korea Spill "Hebei Spirit" 2007

Disaster Solutions Start Now for Faster Remedy of Oil Spills

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BioWorld Bioremediation Technology

Illustration of Technology - Simplified

Bioremediation Site Map

EPA Bioremediation Fact Sheets

BioWorld Odor Mitigation Technology

Odor Control Site Map

Oil Spill Odor Control - Example - Mercaptan Odor Case Study

Oil Spill Odor Control - Example - Petroleum Excavation Case Study

Oil Spill Cleanup - Bioremediation

Bunker “C” Fuel Oil Bioremediation Case Study - Photos

Fuel Oil Bioremediation Case Study - Graphs

In-Situ Bioremediation of Gasoline Contaminated Groundwater Case Study

Mixed Waste Bioremediation Case Study - Photos

Nursery Small Scale Bioremediation Case Study - Photos

Oil Sludge Bioremediation Case Study Bench Scale Test - Photos

Oil/Water Separator Bioremediation Case Study - Photos

Woodside Property Bioremediation Case Study

Bioremediation Site Map

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