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Water temperature must be taken in the field. Temperature should be sampled at various depths using a recording Celsius thermometer. For deep lakes temperatures can be measured at 5 ft intervals, shallower lakes should have reading taken at lesser intervals, 2-3 ft. Streams and rivers, should have readings taken at intervals relative to the water depths. Location of temperature reading also needs to be considered, edge, middle, inlet, etc.

The thermometer will need to be weighted and tied to a strong cord or light rope. Determining the depth of the thermometer can be accomplished by placing knots in the rope or cord at appropriate intervals. A data table detailing location of reading relative to land marks, depth and the temperature reading will need to be devised.


Temperature (C)

Examples of Life

Greater than 20C (warm water)

Much plant life, many fish diseases


Most bass, crappie, bluegill, carp, catfish , caddis fly

Middle range (12-20C)

Some plant life, some fish diseases


Salmon, trout, stone fly, mayfly, caddis fly, water beetles

Low range (cold-less than 12C)

Trout, caddis fly, stone fly, mayfly


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