Home Septic Treatment At Work

Here are a few projects where the innovative Wastewater cleaning technology and how it was used to eliminate wastewater for out clients.

BioWorld Complete Septic Treatment

The Advanced BioTech Septic Treatment is the SAME Formulation used by our Industrial Clients.

Advanced BioTech Septic Treatment will degrade the solids, waste and greases in the system. Your system will flow free and clear – year after year with monthly low cost applications. Pumping may never be required again until the sale of property.

Tons and Tons of Cow Manure Degraded using Advanced BioTech

Large dairy in California. The solids are degraded after the Advanced BioTech were added to the water. The odors were also completely gone.

Tons and Tons of Grease and Fats Degraded using Advanced BioTech

Large beef packing operation in California. The grease, oils and fats are safely degraded during the Advanced BioTech treatments in an automated dispensing system. The odors were totally eliminated and the expenses from the Municipal Treatment System were reduced by 70%.  

Tons and Tons of Grease and Fats Degraded using Advanced BioTech

Large cattle slaughter operation in California. The equipment and floors are washed down with sanitizers and rinsed with fresh water. This wastewater has blood proteins, fats, oils, grease and heavy amounts of sanitizers that keep of meat supply safe from pathogens. Notice the blood is breaking down and degrading within 30 feet of discharge into the large wastewater holding pond. The odors were completely gone. The Advanced BioTech treated water was safe for irrigating local crops and landscape.

A medium size dairy in California had solids and sludge on the top and bottom of the wastewater lagoon. The Advanced BioTech treatments cleared the solids and the water is safe to use for irrigating the alfalfa with no odors.

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