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 Meat Packing and Slaughter House
Wastewater Pond

This 20 foot pond was covered by grease and fats which was 6 feet thick at the inlet and 3 feet thick at the outlet end.

Wastewaster Treatment - BioWorld Products
Pond inlet shows red blood being degraded as fast as it is introduced white foam is from microbial respiration.

Advanced BioTech Wastewater Treatment Product was applied every week for 8 weeks.

The pulverized grease and fats allow for more surface area and faster degradation by the Advanced BioTech Treatment Technology.

During wash down of the facility, tanks of blood are cleared and the residues sent to the pond through a pipeline system.

The pond had some sludge in the bottom from manure and other waste.  Advanced Microbes degrading the sludge.


Advanced BioTech Used:

55064 - Liquid Optimizer Plus
36086 - General Blend Microbes


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