Wastewater Treatment – Projects

Here are a few projects where the innovative Wastewater cleaning technology and how it was used to eliminate wastewater for out clients.

Dairy Wastewater – Digested and Odor Neutralized
Project #1201



The Dairy Science Department of a California University milks 250 cows. The wastewater and manure lane flushes through a solids separator and into a lagoon. 

An enzyme-based product was used in an attempt to digest solids and reduce odors. However, the wastewater odor continued to generate complaints from professors, students, physicians and attorneys. 

Advanced BioTech Waste & Odor Treatment was added to the lagoon every 2 weeks. The odors have been eliminated and the solids are continuing to be digested aerobically. The staff has received numerous compliments for resolving the odor problem. 

Fats and Grease Digested 
Meat Processor-Odor Eliminated
Project #1377

Wastewater Lagoon From a Beef Slaughtering Facility

Advanced BioTech were applied to degrade the waste material and the surface crust began to break up.

#35054 – BioWorld Liquid Optimizer
#36086 – BioWorld General Blend Microbes

20 foot deep pond was covered by grease, fat and dried blood that was 6 feet thick on the inlet and 3 feet thick on the outlet end.  The water is pumped for irrigation on an alfalfa field. The facility received many odor complaints.

BioWorld Wastewater Treatment Products were applied every week for 8 weeks.

A California grocery meat packaging plant generates 100,000 gallons per day of wastewater containing animal fats and grease.  The wastewater collects in an aerated holding pond (one-day retention time) prior to discharge into the city sewer system.  A microbe-based product from Grace Dearborn was used in the past but had little success as BOD and TSS readings were increasing to an average of 300 mg/l and 1,500 mg/l, respectively.  Advanced BioTech Waste & Odor Treatment was added twice a week to digest solids and lower BOD measurements.  Within one week, the BOD and TSS readings were reduced to an average of 20 mg/l and 30 mg/l, respectively.  On-going treatment has reduced the fats and grease in the system and maintained the low BOD and TSS readings.

Tomato and Fruit Processor Wastewater Odors

Project #10131

Project Situation

A California tomato and fruit processing facility had a discharge permit for 800,000 gallons per day to a 93 acre field. The processing load was expected to increase and a conditional permit was issued for 1,600,000 to 2,000,000. One of the strict conditions was to mitigate odors and receive no odor complaints.

Products/Technology Used

Advanced BioTech was contacted by an engineering firm that had recently taken the project. A small wastewater treatment system was upgraded and the D.A.F. Polymer Unit was functioning as designed. 

Advanced BIoTech Odor Neutralizer Liquid Product #45054 in 5 gallon units was added to the D.A.F. unit prior to discharge through the Rainbird irrigation system onto the 93 acres.


The Advanced BioTech Odor Neutralizer virtually eliminated all the odors from the wastewater when applied to the system. Several complaints were noted during a lapse in the addition of the Advanced BioTech Odor Neutralizer. The facility ran from July to October.

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