Agricultural Research Station Algae Treatment Case Study

Project Situation

A California agricultural research station experienced algae problems in an irrigation reservoir used to irrigate research crops. Chemical treatments such as copper sulfate could not be used since the chemicals may have affected the on-going crop research.

Products/Technology Used

The station was concerned that this problem would impact crop research, so they contacted us. We put BioWorld® to work. Our technology provides some of the most effective, environmentally safe and natural algae treatment products available.

We used a targeted treatment consisting of two gallons BioWorld® Liquid Optimizer (Product #35064) and 2 x ½ pound BioWorld® Algae Competitor Microbes (#30086) applied weekly to the surface of their one-acre reservoir.


BioWorld® Liquid Optimizer and Algae Competitor Microbes helped out compete the algae for the nutrients in the water, accelerated degradation of organic matter and balanced the reservoir’s ecosystem. Subsequent reservoir treatments using Optimizer and Algae Microbes were continued annually with positive results. Algae growth was effectively controlled without altering any of the research projects.

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