Farm Irrigation Reservoir Algae Treatment Case Study

Project Situation

A ranch operation had three irrigation reservoirs (½ acre, 1 acre and 5 acres) which were used to irrigate 1,600 acres of citrus and olive trees. Filamentous algae blooms became a problem for the pumps and micro irrigation system. The grower wanted an alternative to chemical treatments to control the algae and keep the micro emitters from clogging.

Products/Technology Used

The grower contacted Advanced BioTech to provide environmentally safe and natural algae treatment products that would solve this problem.

Targeted treatments of 6 gallons BioWorld® Liquid Optimizer (Product #35064) and 6 x ½ pound BioWorld® Algae Competitor Microbes (Product #30086) were applied on a weekly basis around the perimeter of the reservoirs.


BioWorld® Liquid Optimizer and Algae Competitor Microbes helped manage the filamentous algae in the reservoirs and balance the reservoir ecosystems. Subsequent pond treatments using Optimizer and Algae Microbes were continued annually with good results. Filamentous algae growth was effectively controlled, emitters remained unclogged and the pumping systems operated as expected.
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