Winery Irrigation Reservoir Case Study

The Problem

A Napa Valley winery had a ½ acre irrigation reservoir with planktonic, single cell, green water algae. Chemical treatments including ammonia were done in the past but the algae continued to be a problem. Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) measurements were averaging 300 mg/l and 40 mg/l, respectively. Dead algae and solids also built up on the reservoir bottom.

The Solution

BioWorld® Green Water Algae Treatment products were applied each week. After 6 – 8 weeks, the algae were significantly reduced and average TSS and BOD measurements were 75 mg/l and 20 mg/l, respectively. This corresponds to a 75% TSS reduction and a 50% BOD reduction. Over time, solids broke loose from the bottom and were digested. Ongoing treatments have continued to balance the ecosystem for the long term with environmentally safe and natural products.

BioWorld Products® used:

Liquid Optimizer (#35064)
Green Water Algae Microbes (#33086)
General Blend Microbes (#36086)

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