Municipal Wastewater Treatment

What Is It?

Various blends of Bioaugmentation and Bioenhancement to work on many types of waste including: 

      • Wastewater (BOD, solids, sludge, etc.)
      • Fats, oils, grease, sludge, solids
      • Sulfides in wastewater
      • Composting organic materials
      • Fiber – pulp and paper wastewater

What It Does

We utilize application methods that are simple, yet effective and require minimal upkeep, allowing maintenance personnel freedom to accomplish other tasks.

The BioWorld Wastewater Treatment is a combination of technologies that are constantly being updated and improved with new developments.  

The key advantage of BioWorld is our specialized Bioenhancement liquid nutrients, enzymes, and odor neutralizing compounds that assist the microbes to reproduce and thrive in the harsh waste environments. Used in combination with relatively small amounts of the BioWorld Bioaugmentation – specific strains of selected microbes.   

The BioWorld Treatment actually breaks down waste into simpler substances and even elemental forms while mitigating offensive odors at their source

You will observe cleaner water through laboratory analysis and many times through visual appearance of the water.  

The BioWorld Wastewater Treatment technology also has a major bearing on mitigating odor problems.

Where To Use

Advanced BioTech is easy to use, environmentally safe, and will actually save you money long term.

  • Industrial, Government Facilities
  • Food Processors
  • Factories
  • Septic tanks

What is the Advanced BioTech Treatment? 

The BioWorld Complete Waste Treatment contains billions of selected beneficial microbes for effectively digesting organic waste.  BioWorld’s soluble liquid compounds, vitamin, mineral and enzyme complex supplies additional energy that helps the microorganisms reproduce and thrive in your system. 

How does Advanced BioTech change the manure ponds? 

BioWorld Complete brings your pond alive to digest the crusting, solids and lifeless plant matter into tiny particles that are suspended in the liquid (no more clogged pipes).  The waste is ultimately broken down into its elemental form.  Pungent odors and harmful toxic gases are significant reduced.  Fewer mosquitoes will inhabit the pond because BioWorld alters the breeding environment. 

How are fields and crops affected by the Advanced BioTech treated wastewater? 

The Advanced BioTech Treatment contains hearty strains of microbes that help break down the sanitizers and other chemicals that can sterilize your soil.  The Advanced BioTech treated wastewater contains billions of active, beneficial microbes and digested liquefied manure.  This superior discharge will flow evenly across your fields without loading around the valves.  The soil will be alive, converting nutrients more efficiently for better plant health and vigor, increasing crop quality and yields.  Ultimately the animals get better feed.  Many dairymen feel the benefit in crop increase alone pays for the Advanced Treatment. 

Why should I use Advanced BioTech instead of other lagoon treatments? 

Advanced BioTech, a product of modern biotechnology, is the most complete system available.  Considering all the benefits, Advanced BioTech has proven to be very economical.  Some products may break down part of the waste with enzyme/chemical action or some cheap microorganisms or enzymes with some affects. 

The extra cost for the Advanced BioTech system is a true value considering the superior product performance and the continual overall results. 

Expensive mechanical separators and agitators may help, but are not the total solution.  The sludge will quickly settle out after the costly power unit is turned off.  Mechanical units cannot solve mosquito, sanitizer, nitrate and other problems. 

Advanced BioTech Complete Waste Treatment is the obvious solution for your wastewater challenges.  Regular use of Advanced BioTech will simplify and accomplish your waste disposal at a reasonable cost that actually saves you money long term.

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